We pride ourselves on our educational philosophy knowing that whatever we do it is always children first. At West Oaks School we aim to achieve the best outcomes for our children and young people.

Our children, young people and school community are always our priority and are at the core of everything we do. We embrace the view that all people are different and require access to an educational process that reflects these differences.

We believe that pupils learn best and enjoy learning when they are actively engaged in practical experiences and are confident in established routines.

Mission Statement

โ€œAt West Oaks we strive for Excellence for Everyone in our school communityโ€

The hummingbird represents our young people…

Strong yet delicate, the most agile of birds, the hummingbird is the only bird that can fly right, left, up, down and backwards and even upside down. It is the most elegant of winged species.

The flower symbolises our community…

A source of care, energy, spirit and learning for life.

At West Oaks we strive for…