Admission to West Oaks is like the other maintained specialist settings in Leeds. Admission is subject to the school being named by the Local Authority in the child’s Education Health and Care Plan.

We are sorry that we cannot accept direct requests for placement from parents or carers.

Parents/carers should contact the Casework Officer for Special Educational Needs for their area on 0113 3785256 to discuss the options and decide, through consultation, which school will best meet their child’s needs.

Open days 2020

We have had many requests for open day visits this academic year.  We had planned to allow small groups of parents/carers to visits our sites however this is no longer possible. In line with the new restrictions announced on 25th September, the Open Days planned for October and November will now take place virtually.  Those who have already booked a place will be offered the opportunity to meet via Google Meet. We will review the position in relation to the December Open days nearer the time.

Please contact our Woodhouse site on 0113 323 5871 to book a Woodhouse visit and please contact our Boston Spa site on 01937 844 772 for a Boston Spa visit.  The Principal or Vice-Principal will be available on the days to meet with you.

West Oaks Autumn Open days

October 6th Boston Spa (10am or 1.30pm) – virtual meeting

October 7th Woodhouse Learning (10am or 1.30pm)  – virtual meeting

November 10th Boston Spa (10am or 1.30pm) – virtual meeting

November 11th Woodhouse Learning (10am or 1.30pm) – virtual meeting

December 1st Boston Spa (10am or 1.30pm)

December 2nd Woodhouse Learning (10am or 1.30pm)

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