Admission to West Oaks is like the other maintained specialist settings in Leeds. Admission is subject to the school being named by the Local Authority in the child’s Education Health and Care Plan.

We are sorry that we cannot accept direct requests for placement from parents or carers.

West Oaks is an over-subscribed local authority maintained special school for pupils with complex needs and communication.  We offer provision from ages 2 -19. Children who attend our school mainly live in Leeds however we also have pupils attend from our neighboring authorities, North Yorkshire, Bradford, Kirklees and Wakefield.

West Oaks is an extremely popular school, and we receive a very high number of requests for placement each year.

All children who attend West Oaks will need to have a final Education Health and Care Plan which names West Oaks as the school placement.  This EHC plan will either be:

  • following an initial first EHC needs assessment and issuing of a first final EHC plan.
  • following a reassessment of an existing EHC plan
  • or from an amended EHC plan, following an annual review of your child or young person’s existing EHC plan.

This is a statutory legal process with set timeframes which must be followed. The Local Authority will have a responsible team in place to oversee this. In Leeds, this team is SENSAP (Special Educational Needs, Statutory Assessment and Provision).

The Local Authority has several statutory responsibilities, which include, completing EHC assessments, maintaining EHC plans and ensuring schools hold annual reviews.

It is Leeds local Authority (LA) that determines the final decision on school placements.  This legal process must be completed in partnership with families and schools.

As part of the statutory process, parents/carers have the right to request a school to be named in the EHC plan. You will have the opportunity to let the Local Authority know this.

If you request West Oaks, SENSAP must send us a draft EHC plan for your child or young person and West Oaks must follow the legal statutory framework.    When making a decision on placement, West Oaks will consider whether:

  • the placement would be unsuitable for the age, ability, aptitude or SEN of the child or young person, or


  • the attendance of the child or young person there would be incompatible with the efficient education of others, or the efficient use of resources.

We must do this within 15 days of receiving the consultation.

Phase Transfers

Every year the LA has a duty to amend and finalise the EHC plans and confirm the school placement for children and young people who are changing phases of Education, for example, Nursery 2 to Reception and Year 6 to Year 7. This deadline is February 15th each year.

For pupils in in Year 11 and Post-16 this deadline is March 31st.

West Oaks is an oversubscribed school with more requests for places than there are places. We make decisions consistently and fairly and always within the 15 days deadline.

West Oaks works in partnership with the Local Authority to enable places for children and young people wherever possible and in line with the legal framework.

Where a placement is unsuitable or where adding another child to a class would significantly impact on the existing children, then West Oaks will not be able to offer a placement.

In situations where West Oaks are not able to offer a placement for your child or young person, we will have informed the Local Authority and will signpost you back to this team for further information and advice.

Parents/Carers can appeal the Local Authority and follow the SEND Tribunal process. Information regarding this is always provided with the issuing of a final EHC plan.

We understand how disappointing it will be if we are not able to offer a placement and we will always discuss our decision making with you.

We have a clear process of following up on any queries around placement decisions at West Oaks and will get back to you typically within 3 days of your queries.

Please send queries to [email protected] in the first instance.


Parent/Carer open days (all sites)

2nd October 2023 4pm
29th January 2024 4pm
29th April 2024 4pm

Please contact the school to arrange a visit on 0113 323 5871

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