West Oaks School recognises the great rewards that our enrichment activities bring to our pupils and how well learning is enhanced.

In addition to a vibrant curriculum taught within the classroom, classes are engaged in a range of enrichment activities beyond their class base, as appropriate for their age and stage of development. Some of the regular enrichment activities are:

  • Riding for the Disabled sessions
  • EST donkey sanctuary visits with therapeutic sessions
  • Nuzzlets small animal farm
  • Village events and exhibitions
  • Coffee morning at the local church
  • Lunch time sports club
  • After-school club
  • Off -site educational day-visits, linked to the big question /qualifications
  • Visits to the local library
  • Visits to local sites of interest
  • Invitations to parents, carers or key community figures (eg vicar, police, fire brigade etc) to be interviewed or to give a presentation
  • Residential visits – (see Learning Outside the Classroom- LOTC- Policy)

All of which are carefully risk-assessed and have clear learning intentions. We operate a policy of strict and robust risk assessment, but also seek to ensure that we do not hamper the level of challenge in these experiences.