Whole school progress and achievement data

Judging overall progress and achievement of pupils with a wide range of needs; profound, multiple and complex conditions, autistic spectrum conditions and severe learning difficulties is complex as pupils all have different starting points and a very wide range of personal needs.  The number of pupils in each year group is variable and the cohort size is small.  It is not possible to compare one year group or key stage due to the different profile of each group.  Progress is measured using a range of indicators.  These include:

  • Progress made from the starting point at West Oaks.  Pupils are assessed against their own prior learning.  Targets are formally reviewed and re-set accordingly three times a year and are shared with parents and carers.  These targets are described in the Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Pupils are assessed regularly throughout the year across all areas and aspects to ensure that the progress is being made and that as a school we are doing the best we can to support learning.
  • Annual review of the ‘Education Health and Care Plan’.
  • At the end of each academic year parents and carers receive an Annual School Report detailing their child’s progress and achievement in each curriculum area.  At the end of each key stage, parents receive a report on the levels attained in the core subjects at that point in the year.
  • Parent/carer level of satisfaction on the achievements and progress of their child
  • Senior leadership observations as part of teacher appraisal
  • The views of pupils in school
  • External validation from consultants/inspectors



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