The West Oaks curriculum has five distinct pathways. These five pathways have been created and written by our teachers, those who know how best our children learn. Each pathway is designed with specific needs at the core. 

The pathways are planned so as to engage and motivate each and every child. We plan creatively so as to give our pupils memorable experiences which make sure that learning is meaningful and that it is enjoyable. 

Our curriculum plans are carefully crafted so that the smallest steps of progress are built upon week by week, term by term and year by year. In this way the learning experiences support and enable our pupils to reach their full potential.

We create high quality, imaginative and exciting learning environments and we find the best teaching resources to enhance the curriculum.  


Our curriculum pathways are described below. Please read them by clicking on the links.  

Curriculum overview

Foundations rationale

Footsteps rationale

Stepping Stones rationale

Reaching High rationale

Moving On rationale





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